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Fusing a flurry of different genres together to create a fresh new sound, PARDEEP is an inspiringly-talented artist bringing his originality to the global stage. Inspired by a dazzling array of different influences, from Dr. Dre to Kano, all the way to Pink Floyd, his sound is impossible to pigeonhole. Though his music focuses on rhymes, blending smart lyricism to bouncy rap rhythms and versatile vocals. He also runs his own music company “New Indian Dynasty” which puts out genre-defying releases in a range of styles. PARDEEP is unapologetically honest in his music, noting that music is a place he can truly be himself as he continues to push boundaries and experiment outside of his comfort zone.

Raised in West London in a Punjabi household, he got into music a little later in life than most. His parents would often play Punjabi folk music around the house which influenced him early on. Growing up in the golden era of grime, he was exposed to the world of rap early on and has been hooked ever since. Music gave him a voice as he continued to be inspired by artists who talk on their struggle to success. In 2006 he began creating his own music and participating in local clashes. He soon took up music production and began crafting his own music from scratch. Through Myspace he was soon linking up with American artists and saw cross-Atlantic success, Featuring on a number of mixtapes in the US. From here he was interviewed on national radio stations as he began making a name for himself, even becoming a presenter at Westside 89.6fm. In college he worked tirelessly to harness his production skills and was later on mentored by Grammy-winning engineers.

These days you can find him bringing his versatile, genre-bending anthems to fans far and wide. He has put out a number of well-received releases that have seen him grow a steady following on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. 2020 is the year of the comeback for PARDEEP. He’s currently working on the project “CHAPTER ONE: GOODBYE5EVER” with God’Aryan. The fellow singer is from Chicago and saw the release gain lots of attention in Chicago. The record gets back to basics and acts as the perfect comeback record after a six-year hiatus. PARDEEP is also working with a number of artists under his music company “New Indian Dynasty”. The company leverages the PARDEEP’s ideas accumulated across disciplines and network of industry professionals to help established artists radically develop their music to the next level.

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